Can Drayage Be Used For International Shipments?

Truck drayage is an important part of the international shipping process. Strictly speaking, drayage is the term used for the pick-up of cargo from international ocean liners by freight trucks at a port of entry, and the movement of this cargo to an inland distribution point. For those in the southeastern United States who need drayage services, Bonded Service operates a warehouse at the Port of Savannah that is able to pick up and store any international shipment and we also offer FTL freight shipping across the region and LTL shipping across the entire country.

How to Use Drayage on International Orders

When you order inventory for your business from overseas, it usually arrives on an ocean bound vessel at a major point of entry in the United States. From there, the cargo is unloaded ontoVirginia International Port either truck or train beds in order to be transported to its final destination or a dedicated storage facility. Bonded Service offers a complete solution to businesses that are receiving international orders to the Port of Savannah, as we can not only provide drayage to any point in the United States but we can also package, sort and itemize your order with our full inventory management services. This includes unloading, unpacking and tagging all of your cargo as well as re-packing it into custom crates and cargo loads. You will also receive access to a 24 hour web based tracking system which allows you to inspect all aspects of your order in real time.

About Our Drayage Services

Because we have our own fleet of 25 trucks and a facility right at the Port of Savannah, we can offer you complete drayage services on all international orders. We can also store your inventory for as long as you like or ship it to you right away. Our professional drivers are all certified and up to date on current licensing and guidelines for drayage operations and in fact we dray over 150 containers a month from the Port of Savannah. Because we can integrate drayage with storage, transportation, inventory management and even order fulfillment services, you stand to save significantly over trying to book each of these services individually by using our company. Call us today at (404) 349-1466 to speak to one of our customer service representatives about the international drayage and warehousing services that Bonded Service offers.