What Is Web-based Inventory Management?

Inventory management is the technique of specifying and managing the quantity and percentage of stocked merchandise. It may be required at different locations within a single facility or within multiple facilities across different geographic locations. A web-based inventory management system is an online software solution that is easy to use and very flexible.

How can web based inventory management software help my business grow?

Web-based inventory management software can help your business grow because it makes your business practice more streamlined and efficient because you have all of your inventory data at your fingertips. With just a few clicks you can generate audits, stock reports, and stock movement history. You can access the system wherever you are from your iPad, tablet or phone. Web-based inventory management also reduces the risk of human error and can prevent stock from going missing.

Can I get real time visibility of my inventory?

Web-based inventory management enables you to have real time visibility of your inventory whenever you need it. This includes hands-on information about inventory trends and statistics, stock on order, stock in transit and supplier performance.antique clock

Can web-based inventory management save me time?

A web-based inventory management solution can save distributers many precious hours because it significantly reduces time associated with data entry, organization and order fulfillment. This data can be collected and collated in much less time.

Can web-based inventory management save me money?

A web-based solution can save you money by making a transition from high cost, manual, paper-based purchasing and inventory management to lower cost automated purchasing, which also gives you more control.

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