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Port of Savannah Expansion Update

Bridge over the Port of Savannah

The Port of Savannah’s $652 million expansion is moving forward despite the major disappointment and shock felt by Georgia officials after President Obama’s fiscal 2015 budget proposal contained only a small $1.52 million for the busy shipping harbor, and that was only designated for design and pre-construction engineering. President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden had each promised in public appearance speeches that the federal government would recommend major funding for the project, a key factor in keeping America competitive … (Read more)

Savannah Port Economics: Should it Expand?

Large ship in the port of Savannah

Proponents argue a number of reasons why a Savannah Port expansion would be a good thing for Georgia and the immediate port region. These benefits include a port with higher capacity for processing shipping, a boost to U.S. exports in general, and a financial boost the Georgia in terms of jobs and business revenue. This, of course, looks very promising when the state’s unemployment is currently in the range of 10 percent.


Unfortunately, the amount of research available on … (Read more)