Container Drayage from Savannah

If you need assistance with container drayage from Savannah to your warehouse space or another destination, Bonded Service can help!  Between referred transportation and our own fleet of nearly two dozen tractor-trailers, we have the means to receive your shipment from the Port of Savannah and transport it to your warehouse space in Atlanta, or arrange transportation to any destination in the U.S., for that matter.

Container Drayage Transportation and Warehousing

Driver Experience

Our drivers all have more than a decade of behind-the wheel experience, and they have all the credentials necessary (including haz-mat licenses) for effective and timely container drayage from Savannah. We dray approximately 150 containers a month from port, and because of our extensive transportation connections, you’ll also benefit from our corporate discounts as opposed to trying to arrange for container drayage on your own. 

Container Drayage Integration

Our ability to integrate container drayage services with transportation, warehousing and distribution means more than just convenience for you; it also adds up to a substantial cost savings compared to the cost of arranging all these services individually.  It’s just one more reason why Bonded Service provides the best logistics solutions for your business.  For more information about our container drayage service from Savannah, give us a call at (404) 349-1466, or fill out a contact form online, and one of our experts will get right back to you.

Need assistance with your container drayage needs? Contact us today.