Savannah Public Warehousing

A public warehouse is a business that can provide either long-term of short-term storage support for businesses.

We assess fees for shipping and receiving functions as well as storage. Some public warehouses charge per pallet or for each square foot used for solutions. These solutions are available to anyone who wants to use these services. These services are broken down into different categories but solutions are generally flexible and can be customized to meet the diverse and complicated needs of your business. These services provide end-to-end support for order fulfillment and most logistics services. Our services can be broken down into multiple categories: public & contract warehousing, order fulfillment, distribution, freight consolidation, unloading and palletizing, packaging and assembly and inventory management.

Our team members work with customers to determine their warehousing needs. These solutions are designed to be cost-effective to help companies maintain a competitive advantage. Resources made available are often expensive to manage internally. Some processes cannot be efficiently processed in-house with limited resources. Public warehousing is used to help businesses deliver their goods within a specified timeline with lower overhead.

Different types of products can be stored at our facilities in Savannah, including those with specific storage constraints like temperature-sensitive conditions. Our facilities are equipped to manage imports and exports throughout the world. Inventory management systems and bar coding solutions are available for all customers, enabling management to track all activities over a given timeline for all goods stored in Savannah public warehousing.

We provide companies with temporary and permanent storage solutions, enabling our clients to meet their fulfillment objectives. We adapt for your unique business needs which can be adjusted as needs evolve. Support is available around the clock for businesses, including regularly updated inventory numbers.