Savannah Order Fulfillment

No matter the industry or the category under which your business falls, order fulfillment is the single most important part of your operations. If your customers aren’t happy, you don’t earn profit, and if you don’t earn profit, you don’t have a business.

For most companies, order fulfillment involves three steps: picking, packing, and shipping. Picking involves finding inventory in your warehouse and moving it to a central location. Packing involves preparing that inventory for shipment with the appropriate materials and packaging. Shipping is what you do to get that packaged inventory out into the world and to your customers as quickly as possible.

Why Hire a Third Party?

As your company grows, order fulfillment can become complicated, time-consuming, and sometimes even too big for you to handle. This is where a third party like Bonded Service can help. By hiring a third party to handle this process, you ensure that your customers receive the right inventory in a timely manner. It can shave days and even weeks of your shipping times and help prevent problems with customers receiving the wrong inventory.

Savannah Order Fulfillment

Georgia-based Bonded Service offers order fulfillment services in Savannah and the surrounding area. These services include 24-hour turnaround on all orders, repacking services, crate and pallet building, labeling, a UPS discount, and much more. From picking to packing to shipping, Bonded Service can help you every step of the way.

If your Savannah, Georgia area company is in need of order fulfillment services to keep your business running smoothly, call Bonded Service today at 404-349-1466.