What Is Open Source Inventory Management?

Open-source software is software in which the source code is accessible so it can be modified or enhanced by anyone who wishes to. Such manipulation can change how the program works.

Are there many open source applications available for inventory management?

There are currently dozens of open-source inventory management solutions available. Carta, Veeqo, Brightpearl, Sellbright, Magento, and Procurics are just a few of the most popular ones.

Can I get free open source inventory management software?

Yes. There is a number of free open-source inventory management software available.

Can I use this type of software to manage orders?

Yes. It also has many other versatile functions including:

  • tracking orders and shipments
  • printing and emailing orders and invoices
  • auditing inventory
  • maintaining a history log of data
  • obtaining low stock alerts
  • management of contacts
  • vendor tracking

Can this type of software solution make my business more efficient?

Absolutely. Open source inventory management software can make your business practice more streamlined and efficient because you have all of your inventory data at your fingertips. With just a few clicks you can generate audits, stock reports, and stock movement history. You can access the system wherever you are from your iPad, tablet or phone. Inventory management software also reduces the risk of human error and can prevent stock from going missing.

Can I modify this type of inventory management solution?

If you have the know-how to change the open-source program, you have total freedom to tailor it to suit your specific needs, or you can have someone do it for you

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