How do I track my shipments?

Bonded Service is a full service shipping and warehousing operation. We handle all aspects of order fulfillment including the prepping and packaging of your sales orders and even have the ability to ship on third party accounts. Because we offer LTL shipping all over the United States, we use our extensive network of carriers to offer discount rates. Our clients always have access to our web-based access system where a wide variety of information, including current tracking status, is easy to find.


Our Web-Based Tracking System

When you are our client you will receive a login to our 24 hour web based system where real time inventory information on inbound orders, outbound shipment and tracking numbers and codes are located. The system is compatible with and can be integrated into your current retail website, allowing you to view all aspects of your customer’s orders at the same time. We track lot numbers, production codes, weights, and any other specification you need for your products and offer remote terminals for your warehouse management system (WMS).

eTraker Web Portal

Our Shipping Procedures

Bonded Service has an in house fleet of 20 tractor trailers and 5 box trucks that provides shipping all over the southeast. When your products are going across the country, we tap into our network of LTL carriers to find you the best deals and most efficient service that will delivery your goods to your customers. When shipping LTL, you will be provided with a tracking code that will allow you to log into our web based system and view the status of your shipment that will be constantly updated by whatever carrier is handling it. We also make sure that inbounds match our packing lists and if we ever find any discrepancies we contact our clients ourselves right away.

eTraker Web Portal 2

Our Inventory Management Services

Because inventory management is often a complex process that involves tracking both incoming and outgoing inventory as well as keeping up with warehouse numbers, it is sometimes a smart move to hire a third party company that specializes in inventory management. Bonded Service offers concrete solutions to inventory management including lot coding and production code tracking that allow you to simply log in and view real time information about all your products when they are shipped.

Call us today at (404) 349-1466 to learn more about our inventory management services and how they allow you to track your shipments with accuracy.