What Is Pick & Pack Order Fulfillment?

If you’ve ever managed your own order fulfillment, you know very well how much of a chore it can be. First of all, you need storage space for your inventory and the right technology to process and manage your orders. On top of that, you need staff to pick and pack your orders. Using order fulfillment with a pick and pack service will save you time and money in the long run.

What is Pick & Pack?

Warehouse Pick and Pack ServicesPick & pack order fulfillment means that your fulfillment provider will physically pick the items on any order from your inventory in the warehouse and pack them ready to ship. The fees for this service can be charged either per item or per order, or a combination of both. Usually, your fulfillment company will charge for pick & pack services on a sliding scale – the greater the volume of the order, the lower the pick & pack fee will be.

As well as the pick & pack fee, some companies will also charge an order handling fee. You may also be charged a weight handling fee. The later will vary depending on the weight of the items and the shipping methods used. Such fees are a charge to cover the expense of heavy items or special orders. Also, keep an eye out for packaging fees. A fulfillment company may charge packaging fees along with your pick and pack fees.

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