Do Freight Shipping Rates Vary From State to State?

The price you are going to pay for shipping a package across the country can be affected by a large number of factors including how much it weighs, what it contains,  what method you use and what company is your carrier. While shipping rates may vary from state to state, this has more to do with the above factors than any state policy. The best way to ensure that you are paying a fair price when shipping goods across state lines is to use a qualified and experienced transportation company that provides both FTL shipping regionally and utilizes a network of LTL carriers for national orders so your price is fixed up front.

What Determines Shipping Rate?

According to a report published by the NationalMoney and calculator in panama Cooperative Freight Research Program, there are a large number of external factors that can influence the cost of freight shipping. Everything from vehicle type to current fuel prices can affect the price of your shipment as well as the business model you use. At Bonded Service, we have our own fleet of 25 trucks that are used to transport your freight shipping as well as our own in house order fulfillment services that manages all aspects of packaging, prepping and transferring for you. Because we have built relationships with LTL carriers all across the nation, we can also manage the entire shipping process and even offer you substantial discounts on international orders.

The Best Way to Ship Freight Across State Lines

You are always going to get the best bang for your buck when shipping across state lines by using a dedicated transportation company like Bonded Service. Trucks are still the primary form of freight shipping in the United States and the most reliable and affordable way to move goods. All of our clients receive access to a 24 hour web based tracking system which allows them to view in real time exactly where their order is and what is happening to it at any given moment. We also offer complete inventory management services and several warehousing options so that you can sit back and manage the entire process remotely while we take care of all the physical aspects of your shipping needs. To find out more about our services, including state to state shipping rates, give us a call at (404) 349-1466 to speak to one of our customer service representatives.