Does Drayage Affect The U.S. Customs Process?

Drayage involves the transport of goods, sometimes over short distances as part of a longer overall haulage. Drayage affects the US customs process in certain circumstances, in these cases a customs bond is required. Customs bonds can be obtained through a surety licensed by the Treasury Department.

When do you Need a Custom Bond?US Customs

A custom bond is required in the following situations:

  • If you are importing a shipment into the United States that has a value exceeding $2,500.
  • If you are importing goods that are subject for certain federal agencies requirements, such as food or firearms.

In these cases the person or company responsible for the shipping must post a customs bond to make sure that all necessary taxes, duties and fees are paid to the government.

International carriers who are transporting freight via vehicle, vessel or air from an overseas destination into the United States will also need a custom bond. Similarly, warehouse or storage facilities who wish to store imported or exported cargo are also required to obtain a customs bond. There are further requirements which must be met in order to become a bonded warehouse, including contacting the port director to establish which type of warehouse the operator will be running.

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