Order Fulfillment Facts

Order Fulfillment is one of the most important yet most complicated aspect to supply chain management, it involves preparing and shipping the product to the customer from a dedicated storage facility. For online businesses or those that operate over a large region from a small shop, order fulfillment is often the key to success, as allows mass scale movement of the products. For those looking to outsource their order fulfillment operations to a professional company, there are few things that should be looked for to make sure that your needs are going to be met.

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Order Fulfillment Doesn’t Mean You Lose Control

Just because another company is handling your packaging and shipping for you, that doesn’t mean you cannot stay in complete control of what is going on at all times. Look for order fulfillment companies that offer asset tracking software along with their services. These remote programs allow you to log in from anywhere anytime of the day and check in on the status of your products.

Order Fulfillment Can Be Combined With Other Services

Order Fulfillment takes care of the what goes where aspect of inventory management. But for those that are running a business remotely, it is also often helpful to outsource other services including warehousing, packing and labeling, and even pick up from a point of entry or delivery. A high quality order fulfillment company will also offer all of these other services, and allow you to pick and choose, customizing your services as you see fit.

Order Fulfillment Can Grow Your Business

The ins and outs of order fulfillment are as diverse and complex as the many different organizations that utilize it. But one thing remains clear, if you have a business that relies on shipping products to a wide customer base, hiring a professional order fulfillment company to handle the fulfillment aspect for you can be a dramatic boom to your business. Call (404) 349-1466 to speak directly to one of our experts about how our order fulfillment services can help you.

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